Celebrations and Marking Years

Celebrations and marking years are a way to look back on how far we’ve come.  For a young business, each new year of surviving another step in the process is not only something to mark, but something to celebrate.  It is the steady, consistent effort of constantly looking for ways to improve and become more efficient which allows us to reach the markers in our journeys. 

Lux Virtual has survived two years in business and is at a point where we are continuing to grow steadily. In the start up world, as many of us know all to well, most companies don’t make it.  What is the “secret sauce” to having success in business?  It’s the same formula that carries over to all areas of life.  Looking at some of my mentors who are celebrating longstanding marriages you can see clearly how proud and grateful they are when they say things like, “We are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year”.  It is not that they survived it, or that they have persevered through the struggle, but that they have cherished the journey together.  I notice this same thing within myself as I complete endurance races.  The Race Across America journey I completed earlier this year was literally over one million pedal strokes on a bicycle, across 3,000 miles in 12 days.  I look back on each of those pedal strokes with fond memories.  This includes the easy ones and the very, very tough ones.  Each played a part in the journey to get me to the celebration of an incredible experience.  

Celebrations and Marking Years | Lux Virtual
Celebratory dinner with our amazing wives.

Watching Lux Virtual grow has been much to me like preparing for an endurance race.  In the beginning we needed to know our skillsets, personal tools and the resources available to us.  We had to create a vision for the company and revisit this vision at various checkpoints.  At each stage, Nick and I were required to start taking steps towards growth and actualizing the vision we wanted to manifest.

Celebrations are valuable to me.  They are markers for our progress, acknowledging that we are still alive and able to thrive.  They are also a way to thank those who have been a part of our community.  I have learned they are the most meaningful when you have to persevere and strive to get to them. 

Celebrating our second year as a company to me is a little validation that we are on a solid track with where we are heading.  We have managed to make it out of start-up mode and are now in what I would call “early stage growth” for our company.  We also recently had the opportunity to witness one of our strategic partners, Midnight Hour Studios, celebrate their 4th year as a company.  It is a blessing to have others to share this journey with, encourage along the way and, with joy, celebrate thriving in this world of uncertainty.  It is by taking one step at a time and following our hearts and our plans that we are able to reach these checkpoints in our lives. 

Take time to celebrate where you are at in life.  Whether it is a work anniversary, a wedding anniversary or a sobriety anniversary, discover ways to recognize the growing, thriving, and progress in our lives.  Let’s take time at these celebrations to think about the successes that we’ve had in our past and how we can continually improve with each year to come, meeting each new celebration with joy.