Galactic Harbour

Lux Virtual produced an animated explainer video for Galactic Harbour to explain their Modern Space Elevator project.

The motto at Lux Virtual is “Illuminating brilliant ideas.” Using immersive virtual reality, augmented reality interactives, video production, animations, or other media to bring stories and ideas to life. Our latest animated video embodies this ideal, visualizing a plan that will transform human exploration of space: a space elevator system conceived by the visionaries at Galactic Harbour Associates that will safely and efficiently move cargo from Earth into orbit.

A space elevator is an idea I first encountered in science fiction, so I jumped at the opportunity to have even a small part in making this a reality. This is truly transformative technology, as it will enable the safe and routine movement of material into space, allowing humans to build the kinds of facilities and ships needed to sustain exploration and commerce beyond our little blue planet.

We’ve brought together animation, storyboarding, and sound design professionals to create a visualization of the journey cargo will take from a seaport on Earth all the way to geostationary orbit and beyond: the stepping off point for humankind’s reach for Mars, the asteroid belt, and the rest of our Solar System.

It’s been amazing collaborating with our partners at Galactic Harbour Associates, as well as the incredibly talented people who have put so much skill and effort into illuminating this brilliant idea, going above and beyond to move it a step closer to reality.

Art Wright – Thunder Sound
Mina Martines – Storyboard Artist
Jesse Nelson – Animator
Christopher Lawrence – Creative Director
Vern Hall & Michael Fitzgerald – GHA visionaries


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